2000 HIT PARTY!!!

Hey guys it’s Dj Fanto!

So i am proud to say that https://radclubpenguin.wordpress.com Has 2000 hits witch mean we are having a PARTY!!! in this party we will have special guests, V.I.P’s and alot of my friends! look below for the time, date, Server, and place!Pretty awesome right?

We also are going to have special guests that we are asking to come!

Here  are our special guests!

Duncan70 ( might come! )

Cp agent 5 ( might come! )

Kiwy604 ( might come! )

Mrkrabs987 ( Cant come )

Ok so those are our special guests! Now for our V.I.P’s!

Gucci Prince




kittyw98 ( might come )






Comment if you would like to be a V.I.P for my party!

Sincerely ~ Dj Fanto ~

PS remember to check my twitter DjFantoCP during the party because i might move!

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11 Responses to 2000 HIT PARTY!!!

  1. Cp Agent 5 says:

    I will try to make it.

    – Cp Agent 5

  2. yep ill be a v.i.p thanks

  3. guy71173 says:

    Ill be a V.I.P

  4. Kittyw98 says:

    I might come:))

  5. green1392cp says:

    Ill come as a V.I.P

  6. LeEcrb says:

    i will be a v.i.p

  7. Mimi40751 says:

    I can come to your party. 🙂


  8. Smasher117 says:

    I Can Come To Your Party! 😀 And I Want To Be A V.I.P Thanks!

    ~ Smasher117

  9. greenie5254 says:

    I’ll be a VIP! Put me down as might come, cuz I might be doing something, idk.

  10. kory001 says:

    I am coming

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