Club penguin becoming Educational?!?

Hello Guys its dj fanto

So I called club penguin because EVERYONE was talking about club penguin becoming educational heres what happend

”So i asked club penguin about the educational thing, they said its not going to have that much effect because all they will be doing is sneaking in things u have to think about, for example they are gonna sneak in something like a re assembling game in missions and thats what they say, so its not gonna be something STUPID like whats 20×400? its gonna be basics like ”connect the dots” or ”match the pairs”
they are just gonna make you think not make you solve 40×20 or anything!”

This means club penguin is still going to be the same just a bit more thinking questions!

Hopefully this helps 😀

Sincerely ~ Dj fanto ~

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5 Responses to Club penguin becoming Educational?!?

  1. Naco360 says:

    Hey… umm.. I just wanted to tell you that theres ALREADY that kinda stuff (like connect the dots, and match the pairs) plus that is REALLY easy. I’m in 8th Grade math, and I’m 10.

  2. Club Penguin used to be really fun, AND educational, and teens about 14 – 17 still played it (like back in 2005-2008), then they started making it for small kids like six – eight, all they’re trying to do is make it fun for kids all ages. It was designed for ages 6-14 but alot of kids play it. I’m a little over 14 and I play it.

  3. sarah ving says:

    I don’t like math at all but i want the place into a school thought

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