3000 Hit Party!!!!! :D ( PARTY IS TODAY!!!! )

Hey guys it’s Dj Fanto

I have some RAD news!

Rad club penguin has reached 3000 hits witch means It’s PARTY TIME!!!!

our party will have special Famous special Guests!

And V.I.P’s ( v.i.p’s just mean that your going to the party 😀 )

Ok now for a special guests!

Happyace ( Cant come )

LizardMonkey ( Cant come )

Guidoguido1 ( Asking )

Clonguy800 ( Asking )

Longhorn25 ( Coming )

So those are our special guests!

Now for our V.I.P’s







C3 po866



Please comment if you would like to be a V.I.P to the party!

ok so those are our V.I.P’s

oh by the way The 2 best party penguins will be mentioned in my Party review!

Sincerely ~ Dj Fanto ~

PS tell your friends about this party by clicking here

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14 Responses to 3000 Hit Party!!!!! :D ( PARTY IS TODAY!!!! )

  1. Can I be a V.i.p.? Or a special guess? I don’t mind just surprise me please! Thanks

  2. Clala says:

    i want to join your party and have V.I.P! Thanks see you there!

  3. Rhsnail says:

    can i join the V.I.P my penguin is Rhsnail and if you need my E-mail Reyes.marcus90@yahoo.com

  4. guy71173 says:

    I’ll be there!

  5. cpzman321 says:

    my twitter name is zman321cp and im coming and my emaikl is zacharia.v

  6. C 3po886 says:

    I’ll come! Can I be a V.I.P?

  7. Geob says:

    Can I be a V.I.P Please, I would love to! See ya at the party!

  8. twistpopstar says:

    Can I be a v.i.p? !
    I would love to come to your party(:
    ~Summer TwoOhOneOh~

  9. Linai09 says:

    Thats awesome dude! I’l be sure to be at this AWESOME party! Can’t Wait! You could actually be a V.I.P? Sweet! It’d be awesome if I were one! Thx so much! This blog is totally rad!

  10. Guitargirlk says:

    can i please be a VIP or Special Guest? that would be awesome! can’t wait for the party, i can tell it’s gonna ROCK!

    -Guitargirlk (:

  11. timmy6118 says:

    I cant come btw how do make custom penguins

  12. Linai09 says:

    Hey DJ Fanto!

    I MIGHT be able to come to this AWESOME party. We’re going shopping now, and I think we’ll be back in a couple of hours. Lets just hope!

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