Field ops Cheats!

Hey guys it’s Dj Fanto

So i have decided Not to Quit 😀

anyway you can tell by the title that we are going to show you the field ops cheats!

Step 1. You will log in on club penguin and you will notice that there is a new field ops, click your epf phone and go to do the missionStep 2. you will be at the epf HQ and you will walk up to the mission wall then click “Accept”Step 3. Now go over to the lighthouse beacon and walk near the light bulb ( Try to walk near the Off and On switch )Then your spy Phone should start ringingStep 4. click your spy phone and play this game…. if you read the instructions it should be easyOnce you read the instructions click “Engage” and you should be able to handle the gameOnce you finish you will get a mission medal!

Hope this helped

Sincerely ~ Dj Fanto ~

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  1. But it is halloween it is not ringing

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