New owner WHOA!

Hey guys it’s Dj Fanto

so if you follow me on twitter you may have noticed I was looking for Rare penguins

well heres the reason why

Because if i have a Rare penguin i will have rare items, and if something ever happens to My penguin i always will have my other penguin

and i was also thinking “Huh! if i had 2 penguins that are booth me on my staff it would be kinda cool!” so i would have a Rare penguin and me! so anyway..

I got a RARE penguin and this is the other owner on rad club penguin

so anyway ya, Dj Fanto is still my penguin and mancity is another 1 of my penguins!so yay! this is my new penguin named “Mancity” and he will be part of the staff of my blog!

Sincerely ~ Rad Club penguin team ~

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One Response to New owner WHOA!

  1. Linai09 says:

    thats awesome. 🙂

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