New item sneak peek

Hey guys it’s Dj Fanto and Mancity!

and i was reading the newspaper trying to find a sneak peek, and then i went to the Word search page and once i finished the word search i noticed a sneak peek of the new Mountain climbing gear!!! heres how it looks, check it out!Isn’t that cool?? i think it is!! they remind me of the “Puffle Rescue Outfits” for some reason!

I cant wait tell this party!

Sincerely ~ Rad Club Penguin Team ~

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One Response to New item sneak peek

  1. mod.ameeron says:

    Hey Dj Fanto,

    Dunno if u still remember me

    I am here to ask you’re fogiveness for me not replying to your comments on my website as I quitte cp for 3 monthes

    Now I am back!

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