Dj Fanto Tracker!

Hey guy’s its Dj Fanto!

so i have made my very own TRACKER!!!

to find me all you have to do is look below for the server and place!Server: Offline

Place: Offline

Last seen: Sleet, dock

isnt that cool! so now if i log into club penguin you will know where i am!

Sincerely ~ Dj Fanto ~


4 Responses to Dj Fanto Tracker!

  1. Geob says:

    If you want I can make you a real one! For a Coin code? The one with Coding and you can put the text over the image and then change it whenever without having to change the picture too!

  2. clubber347 says:

    how do u make a tracker

    • Purple Fanto says:

      Sorry i no longer play club penguin, i made the tracker by photoshopping the text over and over then making it into a gif, then upload it to tiny pic and just update the post. its not really a effiecent way of doing it

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